Life Happens…. But Music is on Purpose

Through the unique intermixing of musical styles, multi instrumentalist, David McLorren delivers a fifth album filled with a balance of emotions from the good, the bad, the joys and the pains. Life Happens, which is dedicated to the memory of his father, Gilbert McLorren clearly displays not only a growth in his musical ability but offers a richer, deeper look into his genre.\r\nMcLorren chose a smoother, jazzier route with this CD which he credits largely to the amazing team of artists that he collaborated with. These artists were trusted friends that he previously performed with and musicians with whom he felt the timing was just right. For example, Joyce Spencer’s takes her observation of the world and infuses it into her playing of both the sax and the flute. Guitarist, Gary Fuston creates a one of a kind sound with a mellow vibe. Fueling the collaboration is Sam Hankins on trumpet and Rod Williams throwing down on the sax. His vibe is smooth, soothing, enjoyable; and offers listeners the ability to get involved and let the music take them where their minds want to go.\r\n\r\n


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