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Music is a form of healing therapy, relaxation, meditation, among a variety of other clinically proven benefits. The beauty of music therapy is that it helps people in a physical, mental, emotional and social way. When played in conjunction with a person’s thoughts or movements, music therapy can help to improve everything from a persons speech to their memory or even physical balance. It also helps provide emotional healing, foster positive self imagery, stress relief. Solid medical research supports the concept that music is healthy for the mind, as it stimulates brain waves. It becomes sharper, stronger and more useful. Music in a hostile environments can help you accomplish things that otherwise would be lost during distractive work places, crowded airports, heavy traffic congestion, etc. Music directly affects brain waves, as stronger and faster rhythms make people more alert, while slower music can help people meditate and relax. Regardless of what type of symptom or ailment a person is dealing with, there is a good chance that music can provide some sort of aid. If you haven’t created a personal favorite relaxation playlist, here’s a good reason to do so, music can help you fight stress, find comfort, and manage pain. This is an amazingly easy and entertaining way to combat stress and boost your overall sense of well-being.\r\nDo some research and you’ll find many studies proving these, as well as other benefits for using music therapeutically  Yeah you can get down, club and all those other things, but personally I think you sometimes you need music the will help detox the clutter of everyday life and the constant chatter, especially looking at the state of our world right now. Take a minute for yourself, listen to your mind and you might find it’s noisier than you think.\r\nAnd should you desire change a pace, “Something a little different” I have a catalog of music that you can add to your favorites and make a relaxation playlist. Some times your inner lyrics is the only words that matters.\r\n-davidmclorren2015\r\n\r\nfollow @davidmclorren


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