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I had the INCREDIBLE honor of being “featured” in the July 2014 issues of the “Jazz in M.E.E. magazine!” I’d like to say a big thank you Melody Warren,Multifaceted Exquisite Events and her staff for their support. They’re on the ball and produce a great product every time.\r\nMy question still stands! “Are you with M.E.E.?”\r\nSubscribe Today! www.thejazzinmee.com and get your print copy or digital copy if you just can’t wait, to see what happening in jazz today. Also stop by my site, join my mailing list and get a Free Exclusive download for your time and support www.davidmclorren.com Thank you for support our art form and music! -d – See more at: https://davidmclorren.com/media/featured-artist-the-jazz-in-m-e-e-magazine

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