David McLorren brings reality closer with “Life Happens”

David McLorren the Jazz artist that amazes on the jazz scene is presenting us his new album “Life Happens”. This album is perfect for all music lovers,because is full of real life stories, feelings and a lot of talent. Besides McLorren’s extraordinary wiz, on this album he has joined forces with Joyce Spencer, Sam Hankins, Gary Fuston and Rod Williams. There is no doubt that this mix will give you the maximum results. ?We were eager to know how this beautiful journey started, so we first asked the man in charge, David, what inspired him to make this album\r\nThis album was inspired by life event in the past year or two. The Passing of my Dad, dealing with situations sometimes beyond my control, even good, bad or indifferent.. Life simply just happens, ready or not. This album is really about the seasons of life, the ups down and many facets one could face at any given time. Yet it’s imperative that we pickup self up and get back to life.\r\nThe team assembled for this album is album is the best, so we asked David how did he got to the idea about this beautiful collaboration and how does it feel to work with all of this amazing people.\r\nThe Collaborators, Joyce Spencer, Sam Hankins, Rod Williams & Gary Fuston are all people I trust both on and off the musical court. They each are well established in their own craft and it all just fee in to place, when i approached each one at differentiates to be part of the project. Each treat the track they work on as if it were their own, with excellence. It was so amazing to have these artists lend their exceptional talents to this project. I count my elf blessed and grateful.\r\n\r\nAlso we wanted to hear the story from a different angle. And for that we had a word with the great sax player Joyce Spencer and Sam Hankins the trumpet master. They both have interesting stories of how this journey began. For Mrs. Spencer is this:\r\nMy last project was at a standstill due to circumstances beyond my control; however, David helped me rescue the project with his excellent audio engineering skills. In the process, he actually mentored me into becoming more independent in terms producing my own projects. So, when he asked me to be a part of “Life Happens“, I was ready! One tends to be a bit intimated by the masters like David, but of course, I was so honored to be featured “Open Your Eyes” and “Phunk 101”\r\nMr. Hankins has already worked with David, and this is another chance for them to make beautiful music.\r\nDavid and I have collaborated on several songs, as well as a Christmas CD together before I worked with him on one of the songs on his new CD. We worked really well together before and working with him on this song was a huge honor and pleasure. I always have fun working with him.\r\nOn the question what do they love about this album, they had very praising words. Joyce loved it !\r\nIt ROCKS on so many levels! First, the title of the CD project and each track describe and define the elements of life as we know and experience it with amazing rhythmic patterns and phrasing. It embraces the ups and the downs of life with elaborate instrumental variations from smooth jazz to funk and everything in between. It’s haunting, daunting and uplifting. It sets the mood. It creates the mood. Every aspect of life even in the hard times is made beautiful through the music of David McLorren’s latest CD, “Life Happens“.\r\nSam was also certain that this album will make an positive impact on the jazz scene.\r\nI think this is the best work that I’ve seen from David. He continues to get better with every project he produces and this album is going to be around for a very long time.\r\nThe both of them love how this project worked out, and they would do it again.\r\nI knew that it would be a great CD, as David sets the standard very high for his work. So I was very honored, first of all, to be included, together with the other great artists on this CD. And then to have so much fun again working with David & to bring great music to the fans. Said Sam.support artists like David, because talent is where the good music is. “Life Happens” is a big proof that magic can be made in a studio. You will enjoy it.\r\n\r\nhttp://www.jazz.amazingradios.com\r\n\r\nWritten by: Milena Staniskovska\r\n\r\n 


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